TOMAS ANDERSSON Boppin The Night Away

Tomas Andersson Boppin The Night Away EP


Do we really have to introduce Tomas Andersson?
Involved in music since the early nineties, he’s the Swedish Godfather of Techno and the man behind the club anthem « Washing Up ».
We met Tomas in 2005 during the first « Bpc Camping Tour », just a few months before the international hit « Washing Up » was released by Bpitch Control.
We hit it off right away, drinking wine and talking about music. And from there a bond was formed which would later lead to his remix of our first release « Acid Attraction ».
Since Tomas was one of the first to have faith in us, it was an obvious choice to release some of his tracks here on Quatre Records.
« Boppin the night away » EP comes out with 3 premium techno tracks
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